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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I miss being a child!! I miss being able to go on swings and slides and roundabouts without people giving me odd looks. I miss being able to ride my bike on the pavement without elderly ladies glaring at me. I miss being able to say rude things in public and people just thinking I was cute. I miss the attention from older relatives who thought everything I said was interesting. But most of all I miss the freedom to do stupid things and people would think 'she's only little'. Now I do the same things and they think 'where are the men in white coats?'

Returning to my childhood is impossible and in fact there are lots of things I would not want to return to. Like being told what to do by parents, carers, teachers and anyone older who felt like it. Like being patronised and ignored when an 'adult' conversation was going on. Like being restricted and watched all the time.

Therefore I think the only solution would be to have a child of my own. Then I will be able to go back on the swings and the slides and play frisbee in the park and shout odd things in public and people will think it's OK, she's just entertaining her child. She isn't mad. Also think how fit I will get doing all that running around!! I can go swimming and play in the water with a big blue beach ball instead of having to do boring adult lane swimming. I can go to the zoo and make funny noises at the animals without feeling stupid. I can go to the Tower of London and Madame Tussauds and the museums and the London Eye and climb hills and mountains and see all that stuff again with new eyes.

OK OK I know I will have to go through a couple of years of inarticulate noises, dirty nappies and sleepless nights before my child gets old enough to do all these things but it will be worth it!! Babies are cute anyway so....I have decided to have one soon, hopefully by 2008!!! In fact it is something I MUST do. I think my boyfriend understands. At least I hope so!!! A lot of men don't understand how some women feel about having a baby. It is not an idea it is something we must do in order to make our lives complete.


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