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Monday, October 30, 2006

Short And Sweet

I was reading Carolines great post http://insearchofadam.blogspot.com about the beauty of using few words and saying what you mean without the enless rambling I and so many other people are guilty of.

So I will give it a go and say in 6 words what I would normally spend a paragraph drivelling on about.

About me - talkative, funny, hyperactive, caring, eccentric, open-minded.

On religion - Something after death. Not sure what.

On politics - Equality for all. Redistribution of wealth.

On relationships - Be honest. Be kind. Be rational.

On work - Be motivated by people. Not money.

OK I found that exercise very difficult but extremely useful in clarifying my thoughts. What does everyone else think??

Monday, October 23, 2006

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Thanks Gentleman Oracle for tagging me. I will do you the honour of adding you to my blogroll when I get around to it.

5 things you didn't know about me;

1) I have unusually small ears and one of them is slightly pointed. I have long hair at the moment so no one notices, but when I had it short a few years ago people used to say I look like a pixie or an elf or something. I liked that actually so might have it cut again. I read a crazy book by some New Age Guru saying some of us are descended from faries and elves so I can imagine I am in this category.......

2) Lorainne is not the name on my birth certificate. I was originally named Lorna Jennifer Siobhan but hated Lorna so much that I made all my friends and family call me Lorainne until I changed it by deed poll at age 19. Chucked the Jennifer as well. I kept the Siobhan though (as my aunt chose it and would not have been pleased) and decided to spell Lorainne with 2 'n's because I read a book about numerology which said I would be luckier with that spelling.

3) I have seen a ghost but when I tell people about it they mostly laugh at me (apart from fellow student teacher Danni who is sitting next to me at the moment who believes in that kind of stuff...)

4) A lot of people say I am eccentric but I take this as a compliment.

5)I think I may have a third nipple and possibly a fourth but I have been told (by my boyfriend - because I do not just ask random people to look at my chest) that it may be a mole.
(Monkeys and female primates in general have four nipples as they have so many babies. Therefore residual addidional nipples in human females goes to prove Darwins theory of evolution. Or it could just mean I am a freak. I haven't got any babies (not yet, maybe one day I hope....) but I doubt I would be able to feed them from aforementioned additional nipples as they are very very tiny and not well formed)

Can't think of anyone to tag :-( - I am aware that some of my blogger contacts are not keen on being tagged - also am new to blogging and only have a few cyber-friends at the moment.......hopefully that will change very soon!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Meaning of Life

I have been reading 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsch. The author was going through a difficult time in his life and began writing a letter to God asking why everything was going wrong for him, why his job was going nowhere, his health was bad and his relationships failing. All of a sudden the pen began to move of its own accord and 'God' decided to reply. Automatic writing is I believe the term for this phenomena.

Through these conversations he discovers that we are here to realise that we are in fact part of God - mini-Gods so to speak and as soon as we realise our true nature we will have eternal life, eternal happiness, no more suffering and we will be able to create matter and be Gods of our own world. No need to go to church, synagogue, temple or whatever - the power is within us.

As for evil and good - it is all neutral - Walsch says even Hitler went to Heaven. Hmmmmm....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Attention Seeking

Earlier this year I acted in a couple of productions put on by my local amateur drama society. I would willingly give up time at the pub/in bed/talking rubbish to my friends to stand in a chilly church hall and be told to run through the same scene for the 20th time and to:

"Stop smiling Lorainne because your character is feeling confused and unhappy right now"

It is hard to stop smiling when you are imagining the director crawling on all fours barking like a dog wearing a yellow feathered chicken costume. In case you are concerned for my mental health I always imagine people to be in humiliating and funny situations if they are annoying me (it is a good trick, you should try it). Obviously I didn't smile on the night and the show went fabulously well. I didn't enjoy rehearsing very much. I enjoyed going to the pub afterwards but the actual rehearsing was a drag. I felt there was no point - no one was really watching - it was not for real.

With my mountains of work now I am a student teacher I will not have time for drama until I qualify next June. Unless you count teaching as acting which of course it is.

I wish I could say that I miss acting because I have a deep and intellectual love of plays and literature. Or that I miss seeing fellow thespians. Or that I found rehearsing fun. These things are invariably true but what I really miss is the attention. Even though the audience consisted of the local blue rinse brigade (average age about 92) plus friends and family of the cast, and all we got as a review was a very small column in a very obscure local paper, the fact is, being on stage for those few hours over those three nights with hundreds of pairs of eyes looking at me gave me an amazing feeling. a feeling that for a short period of time, everyone in the room was concentrating on me, admiring me and wondering what I would say next......it is like being caught in a magic spell and I wanted it to last forever.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My Incessant Talking Problem

I love speaking. For me it is like breathing, a way of existing not merely a form of communication. As a baby my mother thought I was incredibly gifted as I was talking much earlier than other babies. No such luck. I was just an incredible chatterbox.

On Thursday I began to experience a pain in my top left wisdom tooth. On Friday (Friday 13th!!) I went to the dentist who told me that there is no room in my mouth for my wisdom teeth to grow properly and proceeded to extract that particular tooth on the spot. As I was lying on the reclining seat with the dental nurse holding my head, half my face numbed and the dentist yanking at my tooth like mad what was I thinking?? Well it did cross my mind that if it didn't come out in one piece I might choke to death on bits of tooth and blood. However what was really frustrating me was the fact that this was a situation in which it was impossible to speak. Perhaps a gurgling sound would have been possible, but this would only cause the dentist to think I was a wimp and couldn't deal with it. Not being able to talk actually caused me more pain than the tooth extraction. This is when I began to think I may have a problem.

Dippeting Advice for those of a Grombie Persuasion

A Grombie is an individual who expresses themselves in an unusual or eccentric manner. Dippeting is an activity which involves randomly writing or speaking without much thought and hoping something meaningful emerges. These words will not be in the dictionary yet because they have only just been created. By me.